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Te Tiriti based marine protection

The Noises Trust

Songs of the Sea (Live Ocean), Feb 2021:
Sue Neureuter shares her stories highlighting the need for marine protection for the Noises groups of islands.
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Waiheke Marine Project

Waiheke ki uta Waiheke ki tai Waiheke ki tua, May 2020:
Introduction to the Waiheke Marine Project.
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Future search Waiheke, November 2020:
The future search journey through the eyes of the participants.
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Future search Kāwanatanga, March 2022:
Benefits of the Future search process for Government organisations.
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Mātauranga Māori
Protect Aotea
Te Moananui ā Toi wānanga, December 2020:
An overview and insights into the Te Moananui ā Toi experience.
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Te Toki Voyaging Trust
Rangatahi Kaitiaki programme, December 2018:
Te Toki Voyaging Trust journey and learnings from the Rangatahi Kaitiaki programme.
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Shellfish Restoration

The Nature Conservancy Challenge Fund
Ōkahu Bay, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei/Revive Our Gulf, Feb 2022:
The collective journey to restore the mauri of Ōkahu Bay through mussel restoration.
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University of Auckland
Jenny Hillman, March 2019:
The Science of Restoring Mussels.
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Education and Advocacy

NZ Virtual Reality project overview, July 2021:
An overview of the NZ-VR programme and what has been achieved.
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Archived footage and information highlighting the issues facing the Hauraki Gulf.
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Seasick – Saving the Hauraki Gulf
Republic Films Ltd ‘Seasick – Saving the Hauraki Gulf’ July 2021:
Promotional trailer for the upcoming 7-part web mini-series. New trailer available April 2022.
Watch the Series Here | Link 2

Young Ocean Explorers
The Incredible Hauraki Gulf, March 2020:
A journey through the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.
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Young Ocean Explorers website:
Digital information clips for young people and what they can do to restore the Hauraki Gulf.
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Sustainable Business Network
GulfX, 19 March 2019:
An overview of the launch event for Gulf-X.
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The Memory of Water:
Georgina Hart, September 2019:
An exploration of how water has changed in our region, and how these changes have affected the mauri, the life-giving essence, of the Hauraki Gulf.
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CEO Forum, April 2019:
Business leaders talking about restoring the Hauraki Gulf.
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Gift to the Gulf, December 2020:
A four-part series highlighting the issues and what people can do to restore the Hauraki Gulf.

  1. Wonders of the Gulf  Link 1
  2. Restoring the Hauraki Gulf  Link 1
  3. Getting plastics out of the Gulf  Link 1
  4. Transport toxics in the Gulf  Link 1

Southern Seabirds Solutions
Jill Gower, Nov 2020:
Why Southern Seabird Solutions are working with fishers to reduce harm to Seabirds.
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Unity House
Oceans Lab, Dec 2019:
An overview and insights into the Oceans Lab programme experience.
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New Knowledge
University of Auckland
Troubled Waters (TVNZ) featuring Nick Shears, 18 March 2021:
Highlighting the issues facing the marine ecosystem in the Hauraki Gulf.
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Rochelle Constantine, March 2020:
Our World and Universe: Tracking marine life in the Hauraki Gulf.
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Northern NZ Seabird Conservation Trust
Chris Gaskin, 6 April 2020:
An overview of the importance of Seabirds in the Hauraki Gulf.
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Envirostrat Ltd
Kelly Wachowicz (Catch Together, Catch Invest), June 2018:
From finance to fisheries.
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Dr Nigel Brady, September 2017:
Is a high-value, low-impact Hauraki Gulf fishery feasible?
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Richelle Kahui McConnell August 2017:
Could a high-value, low-impact fishery help restore the mauri of the Hauraki Gulf?
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New Technology
Riverwatch Solutions, 2020:
An overview of the Riverwatch monitoring technology and how it can support community action on water quality issues.
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Paula Buckley
Water-cleaning drone Aug 2018:
See the prototype water-cleaning drone in action.
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